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Discover Fife's Food History

Get back to the roots of our varied food heritage

Fife’s food has for many centuries been bonded to both land and sea through international trade, fishing and agriculture, and all three industries still play a major role in the region’s prosperity.

There are ancient seafaring links to northern Europe, fertile farmland rolls from one end of Fife to the other, and there is UK and international demand for the high quality shellfish landed by the Kingdom’s Pittenweem-based fishing fleet.

Generations of producers of cereals, vegetables , livestock, soft fruit and seafood have provided a wonderful base for a food sector prepared to adapt and grow.

Historic Maps

In this section we will show parts of the Kingdom as they have been mapped and recorded for hundreds of years. The names of many communities, farms and estates have endured since records began.  

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Facts & Figures

Some of the statistics behind food production in Fife make interesting reading, and reflect the constant change which has led to modern farming and fishing methods and employment trends.  

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The Food Landscape

We are building a portfolio of photographs which speak for themselves in their depiction of land and sea, and the relationship between them and the people who produce our food.  

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Footsteps in the Furrow

Fife farmer and journalist Andrew Arbuckle's fascinating account of agricultural life in in the Kingdom.

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Food Events in Fife

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Latest Fife food news

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Food related websites

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Explore Fife's food trails

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